5 P´s of Strategy -strategic planning and Artificial Intelligence effects

Omar Shaaban, Master student IMC Austria. 1Novt20

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After Machine learning starting arising as the new power of computing, There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence application can be used to support planners in all enterprises, in more specification, the Strategic planners, Strategic planning express a stream of consecutive ideas which stated to achieve the long and short terms goals as far as the comparative advantages in the way to create new values to the Company, community and the Customer

This article will illustrate the effects of Artificial intelligence on the five aspects of strategic planning according to Henry Mintzberg.


The first steps in strategic planning are coming from understanding the DNA of the corporate which considers the generator of all visions and values for all business units and branches as well.

when artificial intelligence provide new power in collecting and manipulate data from the surrounding ecosystem, the planner can easily form his vision toward globalization and diversification in business lines and the values will shift from aligning with the local culture of the stockholders to new international values having a spirit of Humanity and saving Nature together, for instance, the Companies set their values from the legacy of shareholders or the establishing committee in primary, then changes smoothly to embrace the target market and the culture of the target customers, but when the artificial intelligence provides more power and new added values from new markets and new leads, the values will be familiarized with that new horizons


Secondly, which is the focused scope of the strategy, is it the Overall corporate strategy or the Business unites strategies, Corporate strategy concerned about the Growth, Revenue. stability, in other words, it steering toward Sustainability, the new free power gifted from the smart machines will give a new meaning for the corporate goals like the profit policy, Integration and penetration of new markets in the long and the medium terms, Amazon core business was E-commerce but now the main share of their revenue coming from the web services. the business unit strategy changes according to the market digital trends whereas the marketing and promotion plans have been changed, as an example of promoting new product plans, developed from the traditional visualizing to 3d and hologram visions handled with explanation from AI chatbot.


planning in details is includes set subgoals, tasks, processes, performances, and Goals measure, the traditional SMART rule in setting goals describes the goal as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound, as examples for the Plans goals increasing the productivity or the web traffic or improving customer services or innovate new products or service, also the Strategic action programs which illustrate how should achieve the goals step by step, resources, and responsibilities, but the theater now has new Player, AI power forced to add new rules which consider the technology adoption, in order to accelerate and achieve it efficiently, for instance, Automation is an emerging trend that requires efficient automated planning also in this corner, responsibilities will forward to the machine in new levels, and many steps will be integrated and merged due to the Algorithm role in shrinking the range of consecutive stream,


in the open and the Fierce competition between companies, using cunning plans or actions to turn a situation to own advantage is crucial and one of the keep going reasons, Artificial intelligence use complicated algorithm to calculate and expect the movements of the market and competition behavior as well, this new assistant from the machine will change the game in the Global market


once the plans have been implemented, the planners evaluate the first scene and its overlapping with the next plans, if there are increasing or decreasing in the performance lines and results, then developing new strategies to being fit with the emerged actions from outside or inside the surrounding environment which is frequently changing, even small changes, Artificial Intelligence applications in forecasting and measuring, then analyzing and provide precious information to the decision-makers will change the rhythm of the pattern because of narrowing the gaps between standards and results. Rapid prototyping as short time solution

source IBM AI Planning Projects

In conclusion

looking further to the wide stage of strategic planning, AI as a new powerful player provide decision-makers with new sharing tools, indeed it's not a technological instruments like computers or calculators, it is smart assistants can achieve many tasks, big tasks in a short time, can analyze the data and forecast the future in more precise and accurate, that no doubt drives to more efficiency and values, more profit and more power.

“In human sciences, we are dealing with social phenomena and they can never be grasped (measured, defined) precisely,” Prof Bartz said, and also the power from Artificial Intelligence because of the machine learning cant be measured in the early stages of this uprising trends, we need more time and experiments to explore the real performance.

Omar Shaaban


Mintzberg’s 5 Ps of Strategy

Lecture for Prof Michael Bartz, International Business Institute.

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, October 2020



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Omar Shaaban

Digital Business Innovation and Transformation Master student , IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems Austria