EU regulations to protect their local enterprises from the technology giants

In my opinion, the EU and other countries, except China and the United States, want to confront Dinosaur as they do with Lion.

Over the last three centuries The power centers in each country were in the UK embassies , then it moves to US embassies ,Pentagon and the huge Banks , but in this new era the power centers situate in each smartphone!

Thus,the sense of dominance has changed and the Game has completely transformed itself into other horizons.

So if the EU thinks the same way when they're dealing with world trade and open borders, they're not going to be able to protect the SMEs and the local economy.

This new era requires thinking like digital citizen or facebookers or amazoner...etc. then they can format new efficient regulations.



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Digital transformation in Import and Export.
SWOT, journey, impact, disruptive technology

In principle it contains:
2- SWOT analysis


a- Robotic Process Automation RPA),
b-Technology Trends in the Transportation and Logistics Industry
c- disruptive technology in Supply Chain
d- AI in Seaports and airports

4-Sustainable digital solutions

5-Digital Transformation journey

a- Strategy analysis
b- Digital Maturity
c-Digital roadmap
d-Business Process Management (BPM

6-Closing and predictions



Omar Shaaban

Digital Business Innovation and Transformation Master student , IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems Austria